BRISTOL SET IN PRINT: Charlotte Biszewski

Bristol in Print documents an industry; connecting with forgotten craftsmen to map historical forms of printing alongside its current practitioners who are pushing new boundaries.

What was once the forefront of a fast-paced and dynamic technology now exists as museum relics, the remains of rusting machines, crumbling stones, and scattered lead-type.

The project will unleash these from storage onto a contemporary scene. Through a series of demonstrations, skill-share workshops, and public events it will pass on the trade of our heritage and promote further education in this important area of history. Combining the traditional with the present, the industrial with the artistic, the old and young; Bristol in Print will strive to create something very new.

Proving in its practice that print is not dead.



Setting the Type works with those now retired from the print industry, it both researches their stories and connects them with current practitioners. During a series of unique intergenerational skill-sharing workshops, it hopes to open up new conversations, new possibilities and create a new form of print.
The project will conclude with a week long event in the summer, aimed at promoting the heritage of the trade with the public.

SPS will be hosting talks and demos during July 2016.

Set in Stone: Deep in the heart of the M-shed stores, over 70 Lithographic stones have been stored, gathering a nice layer of dust. These time forgotten stones, discovered in the blitzed basement of the Mardons printing house were once used to mass-produce the images from W.D and H.O Wills tobacco. Iconic labels, such as Goldern Virginia and Players Navy Cut.


The project brings this into a contemporary setting, inviting current artists, tech companies, design houses; illustrators and printmakers; to respond to one of the 50, original prints. This will develop one final multi-disciplinary, multi-facited exhibition, where modern-day makers and creative practicioners will  respond to a particular classic design, bringing them up to date. A celebration of the traditional hub of the print industry with the dynamic art scene we have today.

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Please email if you would like to feature as one of our artists or get involved.