Group exhibition

Curated by Charlotte Biszewski

4th – 11th August 2015


Inspired by bell ringing, Campanology is a collaboration between five artists from a multitude of disciplines. It incorporates a wide range of practices, from fine art printmaking, traditional casting and contemporary design. This installation will interact with the local surroundings, the church of St Mary Redcliffe and influenced by cuckoo clocks, it will come to life when the church bells chime.

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Artists Involved:

Charlotte Biszewski works in Puppets and Prints and Books, she strives to create narratives and immerse herself imaginary worlds.

Lorna Sylvester’s practice relies heavily on the reciprocity of materials and process to work in in conjunction
with concept.  Her work plays on ideas of impermanence and the finite existence of the

Jono Sandiland’s work involves themes of play, playfulness and games.

Grounded in drawing, Naomi Greeve’s work oscillates between sculpture and print. She is interested in how we engage with the spaces we inhabit.

Aoife Barret works with installations and printmaking, inspired by the role of the archaeologist, investigator and digger, exploring the concept of objects as a container and symbol for our actions, experiences and