1 Year Intaglio in Colour


Weds 22 September – 20 July 2022


Led by the SPS Studio Manager, this advanced one-year course will explore colour through an array of intaglio techniques from drypoint to Photopolymer gravure.

You will learn techniques such as à la poupée and multiple plate printing to introduce colour in your work.  We will be working with four colour separations and RGB channels, duotones, spot colour, pointillism, and Chine Collé.

During the first module, we will delve into mark making through non-chemical printmaking methods such as monotype, drypoint, and carborundum.  We will be working on different substrates such as Tetra-Pack and PETG to help you create layers and achieve unexpected tonal variations.  Working with Chine Collé, you will experiment with fine papers to create flourishes of colour and patterned backdrops.

Following on, the focus will be on creating line and tone with etching and aquatint step biting.  Working on copper, we will also be covering aquatint reversal and viscosity printing, and in the final weeks we will be exploring photomechanical processes through polymer films.

Gillian Garnica, our guest tutor, will guide you not only through Photoshop positive preparation to transform your digital images into Polymer gravures, with their refined detail and rich shadows; but also drawings and printing skills that incorporate principles of relief printmaking.

With a solid colour theory perception and having mastered accurate multiple plate registration, you will learn to exploit the textures and sensibilities that each technique has to offer, and come away with the confidence and complemented foundation to start pushing boundaries through experimentation, and develop your own colour based etching language.

Spaces available