10 Week Print Crossroads with Luke Wade: Collagraph, Carborundum and Relief Printmaking


Tuesday 4th October – 13 December 2022

9.30am – 12.30pm

Set your imagination free.

Join us on this exciting and compelling course led by Luke Wade who will take you through many wonderful relief printmaking processes using materials that have a low environmental impact and are affordable and accessible. A fantastic introduction to producing and printing collagraphs, experimenting  with combining processes and materials to produce incredibly luscious work.

This course will cover many areas of relief printing and is suitable for complete beginners and those with experience. Explore ways of creating striking images with this accessible and powerful print process. Cutting images into wood, Lino, or plastic and inking up with colour can produce incredibly bold effects. Learn how to print the blocks using extraordinary industrial presses.

This course will explore the diverse range of ways which artists use this direct process and incorporate collaborate and carborundum whilst looking at the practicalities of reduction printing and multiple block printing.

Spaces available