CPD- Improve your techniques Sugarlift & Spitbite with Martyn Grimmer


Tuesday 6 & 13 December 2022



Spend 2 sessions with Martyn Grimmer and improve your sugarlift techniques.

What is sugar lift etching? A sugar lift is a way of creating painterly marks on an etching plate using a sugar solution and a paint brush. The areas you paint are a positive mark. It is a form of aquatint etching.

What is spit-bite?  Spit-bite aquatint is a method of etching the open areas of a copper intaglio plate to create small pits for holding ink and adding tone to these areas. The spit changes the viscosity of the acid making it easier to brush onto the plate.

What’s so good about it?

You can make velvety, expressive, painterly, luscious marks.  A great skill.


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