Improve your techniques using sugarlift & spit-bite – 1 DAY workshop with Martyn Grimmer


Saturday 24th February 2024

10am – 4pm

Spend a day with Martyn Grimmer and improve your techniques to see how it can improve your practice.

During this one day course, you will be introduced to this very painterly, intuitive technique. An image is created by painting directly onto a copper plate with a sugary solution. You can use a brush, or other small mark making tools to do this. Every mark you make will later be faithfully reproduced as an etching in a copper plate.

Once you have the image etched with sugar lift, you can then add a tonal wash across the plate by the use of the spit bite technique and several layers of a safe acid. The two techniques go very well together to produce beautiful, velvety, and evocative prints




Main image is by Trina-Ratcliffe Pacheco



Spaces available