INTRODUCTION TO PRINT – 3 day workshop


Monday 15 – Wednesday 17 July 2024


Come and join us for this exciting opportunity to work in 3 areas of printmaking over 3 days.

Different tutors will guide you in the processes of INTAGLIO, RELIEF and SCREENPRINT.


You will work in the etching room with George Hounsome learning to make drypoints onto card and plastic.  Drypoint is an intaglio/etching process which does not use any chemicals.  Using a sharp point you can scratch, draw or gouge into the drypoint card or Perspex to create rich tones & velvety surfaces.  George also works in collagraph and often incorporates this into her plates – not to be missed!  You will have the chance to experiment with a range of tools, explore mark making, learn to ink, wipe and print a plate in black & white / colour.


You will work in relief with Steph Renshaw who will introduce you to the technique of linocut.  Linocut is a form of block printing where the image is carved from the block, rolled up with ink and printed by hand or on a relief press.  It is an ideal technique for printing at home as it requires very little equipment.

You will learn to carve lino using a range of tools, experiment with different ways of conveying tone, explore inking techniques and how to print in layers to make a multicoloured print.


You will work in the screen room with Anna Marrow who will introduce you to the fundamental techniques of screen printing.

You will prepare your own design by creating stencils.  Stencils can be made from a whole range of materials including paper, drawing or photographic imagery.

You will learn how to prepare, coat and expose a screen, how to mix ink and layer colour, and how to print on a vacuum bed.






Spaces available