Summerschool: 1 week Lithography


5 day Summerschool with Catherine Ade
Offsite at Lemonade Studio, Horfield (4 days)

Onsite at Spike Print Studio (1 day)

Monday 16 August – Friday 20 August 2021
10am – 4pm

4/5 spaces (depending on restrictions)

This is a great introduction to plate lithography. Providing an insight for beginners and more experienced artists, printmakers and educators into the process of lithography with the aim of enabling the future use of the process within their practice.

Participants will be guided through how to prepare ball grained plates for drawing, etching the image to stabilise it for printing, using photo plates, registration for multiple colour layers, mixing colours and printing both on direct and offset lithography presses.

What are ball grained lithographic plates?

Ball grained plates are thin metal sheets which have had a fine tooth mechanically grained onto the surface which allows them to be drawn on. Similar to the surface of a freshly grained lithographic stone. Images are drawn onto the surface of the plate using traditional lithographic crayon and tusche as well as some other materials which will unfold as the class progresses.

The use of grained metal plates in lithography was first discussed by the inventor of the process, Alois Senfelder. Ball grained plates eventually replaced the use of stone lithography in commercial printing and has since been replaced again by photographic plates. But like every printmaking process, artists have taken these techniques into their practice and they live on in the graphic arts.

What are photo plates?

Photo plates are commercial lithographic plates which have a light sensitive coating applied to them. The artists image is drawn onto a sheet of textured film, such as true grain, placed on the photo plate and the image is exposed onto the plate using an exposure unit. The plate is then developed; the image on the true grain mask will have stopped the light and will remain on the plate whilst the non image areas will wash away.

Catherine completed her MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at UWE in 2013. Since 2014 she has worked with artists as a collaborative lithographic printer at The Curwen Studio, London. Catherine also trained at the Tamarind Institute for Lithography in 2019

Spaces available

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