Puretech Etching


Weekend workshop with Martyn Grimmer
Sat 19 June & Sun 20 June 2021
10am – 4pm


This absorbing weekend course will deal with the making and printing of photographic etching plates coated with Puretch film, that can be etched into copper or aluminium. These plates are etched by a safe acid, Ferric Chloride for copper plates, and Copper Sulphate for Aluminium. You will be shown how to coat the plates with the film, and then expose & develop them in the darkroom. The plates can then be printed in experimental combinations of black, or colour inks, that give a good range of tones and depth to the image. You will also learn how to rework the plates by hand using traditional etching techniques. Some prior experience of etching would be desirable, but is not essential.

Spaces available