Weekend Bookmaking Workshop with Guy Begbie


Saturday 25th & Sunday 26 March 2023

10am – 4pm


A fantastic opportunity to work with a master book artist and explore the mesmerising world of bookmaking.

 Saturday:  The Architectural/Sculptural Soft-Back Cover Tower Book

This book structure is made to be opened in an expanded, elongated format and folds down closed into a much smaller and compact portrait shaped /sized book which is contained in a soft back wrap around cover with a tabbed and slotted closure.

The book can be opened to spread outwards horizontally. Then some of the middle section pages can be expanded upwards several times to create a tall freestanding structure. These larger architecturally shaped page facets will be made from folded card stock and will be tipped and sewn into the book.

In the process of constructing the page elements, some paper engineering will be used to create pop-up features on folds. Page throw-outs and gatefolds will be also used to contain other interactive architectural features. Both the card page appendages and the paper stock pages will also offer the potential to contain elements of drawn, pierced, collaged and cut through visual tactile narrative.

This type of book form provides a versatile foundation to address a wide range of loosely architectural and non-linear narrative concerns. In this mode it can also address the potential to be a physical container of space and 3D forms, as well as being a collection of multi faceted paper substrate surfaces holding image and/or text content.


Sunday: French Sewn Flat Back Case Bound Book

This is a traditional classic book structure that is strong and durable; the section page spreads will lie flat when the book is opened. There is an option to include some pull out and drop down pages within the sewn sections and a sleeve inside the cover for some minimal loose-leaf content material.

This type of book construction can be applied universally to books of varying scales and formats, providing a professional binding finish and a neutral, elegant space to contain image/text content.


product image: Architectural Concertina Hardback Binding 

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