Drawings and Prints of Iceland

17 November – 12 December

This weekend saw the opening of this incredible exhibition of epic drawings and prints by Emma Stibbon RA in the Rabley Drawing Centre in Marlborough, Wiltshire.  

Emma is a very successful long standing SPS member and we highly recommend seeing this exhibition whilst it is on at the Rabley.  This Art centre is particularly interesting and inspiring for those of you who have yet to visit it.

The TERRA-INFIRMA drawings follow a period of 6 weeks travelling around the south coast and a residency in ólafsfjördur, north Iceland in 2012. Located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, volcanoes, geothermal springs and internal deserts characterise its landscape. Through walking, drawing and photography the artist has viewed the impact of both human habitat and natural forces on environment.’

Inky layers of translucence and dense black are flecked with low glistening crystals of volcanic ash. The assembly of drawing media, thin and dense, fragile and strong, lay similarly to the time lines of strata created by the blanketing of layers in the constantly shifting landscape of Iceland.’

Meryl Ainslie


stibbon 3 stibbon 4 stibbon 5 stibbon 6 stibbon 11 stibbon 10 stibbon 9 stibbon 8 stibbon 7