Jono Boyle, Recent Works

11 February – 25 February

Monday to Thursday, 10am-4pm, closed Fridays

PV: Thursday 11 February, 6-8pm
Spike Print Studio, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6UX

Spike Print Studio is excited to show a selection of recent works by acclaimed contemporary artist and member of our board of directors, Jono Boyle.

Boyle made a new body of work for his recent London show Cultural Debris that combined collage, photography and print. Appropriating discarded cultural ephemera, and presenting it back to us in playful new combinations that prompts new meanings and makes us think about the culture of the time that we live in, and the significance of what will be discarded as we move on.
Boyle has continued working to this theme and will be showing a combination of these works as well as new pieces. A specially commissioned print, Too Much Too Young (The Vanity of Hope), will also be released on the night.
Jono Boyle
Jono Boyle is an artist based in Bristol who originally began working on the street under his then DJ name ‘Motorboy.’
In his own words, Boyle says of his work: “I am fascinated with and motivated by this cultural debris that society’s ever changing fashions leave behind. Whether working in paint, print, installation, or collage, my work act as a form of selective commentary, picking from the pool of discarded cultural memories like a DJ picks from the crates.
Working across a range of different media, Jono Boyle features in the collections of private collectors and museums worldwide, and is a founding member of the Steal From Work artist collective.