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 28 May – 2 July 2016

PV Friday 27 May 6-8pm 

Candida Stevens Fine Art, 12 Northgate, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1BA.

Reading the Visual – artists as storytellers

‘Every picture tells a story’ so they say and it is this idea that sees Candida Stevens Fine Art explore the role of artist as storyteller. From the allegorical to the Shakespearean and on into the realms of concept The Story in Art presents a touching, moving, sometimes domestic, as well as humorous look at the stories of us all. Here you will find some of the ultimate human experiences told through the artists’ mediums of paint, ink, pencil and clay.

The exhibition has been curated to show how artists explore, interpret and tell a visual tale. From the portrayals of Ron King’s classic Macbeth and Alice Kettle’s large-scale tapestry Pause II, an allegory for A Dance to the Music in Time to the abstract, sculptural narratives as told through the work of Lorenzo Belenguer, Šárka Darton and Isobel Egan. See too the stories of men and women who face confinement, struggle or the domestic limitations of tradition through the probing eyes of Pippa Blake and Chitra Merchant. Then enjoy the more humorous observations of 21st century modern-life by Chris Orr RA.

Belenguer, Kettle, King and Orr are all acknowledged and established in their artistic fields – many of their works are housed in our national as well as international public collections. Blake, Darton, Egan and Merchant bring their rising voices and insights. All invite you to be drawn in, comment and encourage you to pass their stories on, which is after-all is what good storytellers do.

Pallant House Gallery will also be showing a triptych of large-scale paintings by Pippa Blake, in their Garden Gallery, from her work as artist in residence at Chichester Festival Theatre for the play ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’.


Saturday 25th June 11am – Talk by Chitra Merchant – The traditional role of the woman in Indian society and associated stories by Professional Story teller, Sarah Perceval.

Chitra Merchant – born in India she later moved to UK to study printmaking and illustration. Her work is concerned with the roles and expectations ascribed to women. Her recent Bell Jar series was shown as part of the Royal Academy Summer exhibition.




04 May – 13 May 2016
F Block Gallery, Bower Ashton Campus, UWE Bristol
09:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday


“Dermis” presents a selection of works prepared by Centre for Fine Print Research student Peter Moseley as part of his practise-based PhD project. Supervised by Professor Stephen Hoskins and Dr Shawn Sobers this exhibition is part of the culmination of Peter’s PhD study at UWE Bristol into Photographic portraiture and the meaning and crafting of ‘style’: the aesthetics and syntax of photomechanical processes for the production of continuous-tone ‘fine-prints’.

Exhibition content

The exhibition reflects upon the resonance of skin, making the physicality of older people more accessible, their variety more curious, their experience more evident, their skin and bodies sources of phenomenological enquiry and sensuous interest.

The images are realised through nineteenth-century photographic processes, including photogravure, platinum, cyanotype and carbon-transfer contact-printing techniques. The materiality and tactility of the prints complement the skin textures and ‘presence’ of the subjects.

Information about early photographic processes

Early photographic processes offer many opportunities for creativity and interpretative reading. Each process characteristically facilitates or inhibits possibilities for surface texture and relief, image density, tonal range, colour and brightness; they have, in short, their specific feel when performed as works on paper.

Cost: Free
Contact: Joanna Montgomery
Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 85864

More information about “Dermis” An Exhibition Articulating the Textures and Character of Age and Skin Through Nineteenth Century Photographic


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