Kristina Chan

Kristina Chan
OFF SITE: Stage Right
Spike Print Studio, Spike Island
133 Cumberland Rd, Bristol BS1 6UX 8 July – 23 July, 2017

Private View:
Friday 7 July, 2017 l 6:00-9:00 pm Free Admission

Kristina Chan is thrilled to present OFF SITE: Stage Right, an encore exhibition at Spike Print Studio of the site- specific print installation created for the 4th Edition Hidden Door Arts Festival Scotland.

A culmination and accumulation into site specific history to depict socio-cultural entropic narratives, Kristina’s work explores the correlation between architecture and sculptural landscapes of derelict and disused spaces. She seeks sites where the intersection between function and intention has fallen into decline and disrepair, where untold histories recount themselves, in all their brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse.

Since 2016, Kristina has been an artist in residence at Leith School of Art, where she was invited by Creative Director of the Hidden Door Festival, David Martin, to create a work based on the festival venue itself, a derelict art deco theatre.

“I explore the relation between society and entropy. The lifeline of our narratives, in a rather broad sense. I want to understand how we mark the world and how, it in turn marks us. The relationship between the natural world and what we build in the name of civilization, culture, history. The rise and decline and the recurrence of it all, how monuments become ruins then relics, listed, condemned, and rehabilitated, developed, revitalized anew.”

-Kristina Chan

Stage Right was a reflection upon the theatre’s cultural history, of printmaking, and of the city itself. The installation will be exhibited along the length of the right balcony, overlooking the main auditorium. Nearly 9 meters in length, the triptych serves an homage to the once- abandoned Leith Citadel Theatre: its resurrection from dereliction to once again take center stage, both metaphorically and literally, to today’s emerging artists.

OFF SITE will feature both the monumental installation itself as well as showcase the process and resulting satellite sites that emerged from working in and around the historic Leith Docklands in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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