Liz Miller- Winner of SPS Award at National Original Print Exhibition

Congratulations to Liz Miller who won the Spike Print Studio prize with her etchings and printed vinyl record prints, entitled Classics on Vinyl. 

”The crossover between music and visual art is combined with the aesthetic quality of information graphics in this project investigating repetitive patterns in music. Liz has invented an alternative musical scoring system, mapping it as circular rather than linear graphic score. The music maps can be read and interpreted by musicians, but they also create a new way of visualising music for those who are untrained in the traditional linear scoring system.”

Her work really caught the attention of the judges because of this intriguing relationship between print and music. The scratches on the print are reminiscent of the crackling noise of an old vinyl record. Liz was awarded a year long key holder’s membership and we look forward to having her in the studio.



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