Meet this years recipient of the Peter Reddick Award.

The 2015-2016 Peter Reddick Award for Innovation in Relief Printing was awarded to Demi Insall.

Spike Print Studio offers this bursary with a value of £1500 to a new graduate to support his or her practice in relief printing. We are particularly interested in graduates who are innovative and experimental while using the oldest of print techniques. The bursary is for one year and awards studio membership with full support, learning opportunities and professional development.

Demi is a graduate artist who was selected for her exceptional talent and ability to engage in contemporary relief printing. She carefully collects data through observational, scientific and photographic methods. Her work is a combination of this gathered data and a systematic arrangement of the results. In a recent series, she documented the relationship between time and sunlight. Responding to our environment and differences in daylight hours. An investigation that is not necessarily trying to find a single answer but to show that information itself is beautiful.

Work in progress 2

Demi began the year long award in October 2015. Here is what she had to say about why she applied for it:

I applied for the Peter Reddick award because there was a lot more that I wanted to learn about printmaking…. I am particularly interested in the mix between new digital technologies and traditional printmaking techniques, as shown by my use of computer software and laser cutters in order to produce block relief prints. The mix of these areas is something I want to develop further. I would like to continue looking at our daily lives and factors that affect us on a daily basis. I would continue to gather and record data that I can make a visual summary of through the medium of relief printmaking.



For more of Demi’s work, please visit her website.

Instagram: @demiinsall