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Jane Warring who is currently on the I year  ‘Paper Structures: Book Arts Unfolded’ has set up this blog

On the Next Page

The idea behind this blog is to chart my progress on the one year part time course at Spike Island Print Studio, in Bristol, which I began in September 2016. The course is called ‘Paper Structures: Book Arts Unfolded’ and is all about making Artists’ Books and other folded paper objects which may, or may not, contain images and narrative. The blog has two main sections: ‘Weekly Blog Posts’ where you’ll find descriptions of what I did each week on the course, along with a couple of images; plus the ‘Portfolio’ where you’ll find photos of all the work I’ve produced in chronological order.

If you’re asking ‘What is an Artists’ Book?’ it’s a piece of work, usually in the form of a book, conceived and made by an artist as a unique handmade item or printed in a small limited edition. Artists’ Books often challenge pre-conceived ideas of what a book is or should be and, as someone who has spent many years designing books for mainstream commercial publishers, this is what particularly interests me.

On the course we’re looking at the relationships between two and three dimensions, and how these can influence the outcome of our work. The course is both skills and practice based and I hope that by the end of it I’ll have a portfolio of my own work I can be proud of. My current design portfolio consists of work I’ve produced for clients, but my aim is to create a new portfolio of work I’ve done as an artist in my own right. As a practising graphic designer I’m particularly interested in, and challenged by, the concept of moving from the world of design, with briefs, clients, and deadlines, to the world of fine art, where exploring is the name of the game.

I’ve recently done three short courses at UWE (where I did my Graphic Design degree many years ago), on Making Books, Laser Cutting, and Artists’ Stamps. At Spike Island earlier this year I did a short course in Letterpress Printing, and this summer was involved in the collaborative project ‘Bristol Set in Print’ with other artists and designers. I’ve been inspired and encouraged, have met some very lovely people, am so excited to be on this journey, and would welcome any feedback you have about my work.