Second Impressions

SPS members Coo Geller & John Lynch exhibiting at New Brewery Arts

Saturday 18 January – Saturday 8 March

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In Second Impressions you will encounter a new breed: mature artists who are re-establishing themselves and resisting the paper-only dogma of printmaking, challenging the value and use of this material and creating a new process-led methodology, a technique of simply ‘making’.

Sue Brown and Luke Salaman in particular challenge the received wisdom, preferring to explore print on materials such as enamel and porcelain. Second Impressions comprises superb examples of high quality work ranging from etching and screen printing, 3D prints to enameling, marquetry using laser cutting techniques, and textiles – all disciplines using printmaking as a starting point or as an integral part of the design.

The artists are all professional applied arts practitioners who are inspired by printmaking and choose to make it the platform on which to establish new pathways for their creativity. All took a sabbatical from established careers to embark on a brave, creative journey of rediscovery on a Masters degree course at the University of the West of England – Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking. New Brewery Arts mentored and advised the group and is pleased to showcase the variety of work students have developed since first embarking on in the MA programme.

Elaine de Kooning, abstract expressionist, art critic and influential teacher, understood the need to revisit and renew inspiration in all ages, writing “Every artist returns to things. The drawings that you make as a child or as an adolescent and the ideas that you have as a young beginning artist, no doubt they crop up again and again.” 

Image by Coo Geller, Laser cut orange peel trees.

Text taken from New Brewery Arts website

Posted by Gillian Thompson