Set in Stone Exhibition

PV Thursday 4 August at 7.30pm

Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Charlotte Bizewski’s Set in Stone exhibition launch as part of the Bristol Set In Print project.

A contemporary celebration of iconic imagery of the tobacco industry.

Deep in the heart of the M-shed stores, over 70 Lithographic stones have been stored, gathering a nice layer of dust. These time forgotten stones, discovered in the blitzed basement of the Mardons printing house were once used to mass-produce the images from W.D and H.O Wills tobacco. Iconic labels, such as Goldern Virginia and Players Navy Cut.

The project brings this into a contemporary setting, inviting current artists, tech companies, design houses; illustrators and printmakers; to respond to one of the 50, original prints. This will develop one final multi-disciplinary, multi-facited exhibition, where modern-day makers and creative practicioners will  respond to a particular classic design, bringing them up to date. A celebration of the traditional hub of the print industry with the dynamic art scene we have today. 

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