Spike Print Studio commissioned acclaimed Bristol artist and filmmaker Joe Magee to produce a screenprint for Watershed, Bristol tocelebrate its 25th Birthday in 2007.  The result is called Scatter –  a stunning hand-printed 10 colour screen print measuring just over a metre wide.

Scatter sits alongside Waveshed, the image Joe created to celebrate the 25th Birthday, in the Café/Bar.

Joe says of the piece…

Scatter was driven by a series of processes, beginning with the gathering of a cluster of pixels from an accidentally-corrupted digital file. Retaining the colours of these pixels a series of lines was created – before being converted into waves using algorithmic filters. These waves were then broken up and ‘scattered’ using simple human intuition and very quick arbitrary dispersal. This process was an attempt at ‘lightness’ (of touch and spirit) as a reaction to the rigidity of the original mechanical techniques. Finally the waves were screen printed by hand in 10 block colours.