John Wood & Paul Harrison
55cm x 38cm  (paper size)
Edition of 50
20 available
£490 (£450 + VAT) unframed

Artists John Wood and Paul Harrison have created a new limited edition, printed and published by Spike Print Studio.

The print, along with a colouring book, are by-products of a new video commissioned by The Lowry entitled Shelf.

The artists said

In the video ‘Shelf’ the camera tracks the length of an extremely long shelf. We wanted to create the impression a very long drawing. This ‘drawing’ uses everyday and not so everyday objects to produce small scenes and events which, despite changes in scale and meaning, combine to form a single narrative; albeit one in which the viewer would glimpse only a small section at any one time.

Based on the video, the print ‘7654321′ combines all these objects into one single image, using line drawing representations taken from the completed film. This collapsing of the linear narrative allows the viewer to produce their own connections and associations.

Our work often starts with drawings; this new print reverses the process.

The screenprint is all the objects seen on the shelf laid out on one piece of paper. 42 objects – such as a swan made of tin-foil; a pencil, an apple, a book with post-its on each page, a desert island with two palm trees, a plane, a globe, a very long spirit-level – are graphically represented as line drawings strategically placed next to each other. A camera (with flash) is as big as an electricity pylon, whilst a tank heads towards a house.

The duo have collaborated for 15 years, ever since studying together at Bath College of Higher Education. They have exhibited widely overseas, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Wood and Harrison are also currently working towards solo shows in America.

They are represented by fa projects, London and Von Bartha Garage , Basel.