Meet January’s artist- John Lynch

January Montage

John Lynch

John Lynch’s work explores themes of the subconscious in every day culture through the printed medium.  As a printmaker, John specialises in combining the print processes of etching, relief and screen print, often with the subject of Iconography in contemporary culture. 

This is John’s explanation for his calendar print,

“ My print for the calendar is taken from a photo I took last January at about 5 in the morning when I woke up to find our marina and boat covered in snow, it was just getting light and everything was all the same blue colour and covered in undisturbed snow. I liked to use different colours to represent the cold silence of January….”


Shortly after graduating from his MA, John was awarded the NEO: Print Prize for new media and offered the Peter Reddick Bursary for contemporary relief printing here with us at Spike Print Studio.  As part of his Bursary work, John is currently developing his practice using wood cut reduction and multi block reduction relief, using the process ink colours more conventionally associated with digital print production.  John talks about his practice and experience during his bursary at Spike Print Studio,

“I am now taking the combined multi-block reduction method into development. I have prepared a block with interchangeable parts and have also started experimenting with found objects and blocks working towards a less contained, more free form of relief printing. So far it has been ace to work at Spike Print Studio and the facilities, staff and members are really great!”

 John Lynch is one of the organisers of Print Shop Bristol, a collaborative venture between Spike Print Studio and Drawn in Bristol, that aims to inform, educate and sell contemporary print by invited local and international printmakers.  The Print Shop is located at Quaker Friars in Bristol, open seven days a week until Christmas 2013 and is one of the venues that sells the Spike print Studio Calendar.

Text by Anna Harley