SPS member, Coo Geller selected for Northern Print exhibition

Carte Blanche*

10 Jul – 14 Sep 13

Northern Print, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Coo Geller’s Paper Parsnip Concertinas (featured below) were created from looking at the fine details of long skinny parsnips, grown on her sister’s allotment. On describing her work, Geller explains that is about nature:

I am drawn to something, perhaps a plant or a vegetable, and I may notice a tiny aspect of it that I find fascinating.  I record this and communicate it’s special, un-noticed qualities.  I want to bring the sense of wonderment to my work that I feel for everyday things – a walnut, a parsnip, an acorn… I give value to each little thing, and show its importance in the world.”  

paper parsnip concertinas

parsnip plinth_cloche
Paper Parsnip Concertina I, II and III
Laser cut paper
31cm x 35 cm
each come in an edition of 5.
How Do Your Parsnips Grow
Laser etched / cut paper
33cm x 42cm
*Paper and its manipulation is the focus of Carte Blanche, a unique new exhibition at Northern Print curated by John Phillips and Nadia Yahiaoui of the londonprintstudio.Carte Blanche brings together the work of ten artists working within a variety of disciplines from designers and architects to engineers and sculptors.  The exhibition crosses the conventional artistic boundaries of craft, print, design and sculpture and features the work of Sophie Arup, Lutz Becker, Rogan Brown, Brigitte Parusel, Rob Ryan, Callum Russel, Coo Geller, Howard Gardener, Fiona Hepburn and Carol Wyss.text extract from Northern Print website