SPS members, Artists in Residence at Agder Kunstnersenter, Norway

Georgina Hounsome & Alexandra Higlett have recently returned from their residency at Agder Kunstnersenter.  During their time in Norway they produced a collection of stories and illustrations.

“ We work collaboratively on narrative-based projects. We aim for the stories we construct to rouse the imagination of the reader, and ensure the design and presentation of our stories enhances the intimate experience of reading and looking.  For this project, as in previous work, our environment and habitat influenced the content of work produced, along with our thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Research is important to us: we take field trips to make visual and written notes, enabling us to capture a sense of place with authenticity. During the residency, we have worked on the content and design for a collection of different parts with a common theme, ensuring content is supported and connected through clear and appropriate design and narrative is emphasized with pertinent visual language. ”

Their work was on display in Norway at Kristiansand Kunsthall and some of the images below show the layout of the book LIGHT AND SIGHT, which is currently being silkscreen printed by the artists at SPS in an edition of fifty.



BLOG Mechanical Sunrise Print Alex Higlett a19a13 sketchbook