Blank Light

Nick Greenglass exhibition at SPS

This years Peter Reddick bursary awardee Nick Greenglass came to the award from a background in hybrid printmaking, developing techniques that mix a wide range of printing processes from digital inkjet, silkscreen, laser-cut and relief.

With the Bursary being set up for artists seeking to advance relief printmaking in experimental and contemporary ways, Nick focused on the contrasts between relief, one of the oldest forms of traditional craft-based printing with new and emerging digital technologies, both in terms of process and the concepts of his artworks. Figurative works explore the effects of new technologies and digital environments on identity, considering the possible transformative influences of electronic culture on our sense of self and place in the wider world. Working with these polarities of the physical and the digital Nick brings the physical hand of the artist to digital aesthetics and printing methods, producing vibrant works that blur the lines between organic textures and digital aesthetics whilst pushing the boundaries of contemporary print.

Nick Greenglass “Blank Light” exhibition will run from 17th Feb for 2 weeks
Private view Friday 16th Feb 6 – 9pm