Spike Print Studio

Bristol Contemporary Print Centre – an exceptional regional resource

Spike Print Studio is the largest open access print studio in the South West set up in 1976 by Peter Reddick RWA under the name Bristol Printmakers Workshop as part of the artist led initiative – Artspace.  Its mission is to make printmaking accessible to all through its learning programme of courses, workshops and master classes and it has been delivering exceptional resources, inspirational training and a space for all, consistently since then. As a charity, SPS’s objective is to advance education for public benefit through the promotion of the arts, in particular the art of printmaking and through providing education and training in this art. Our respected and rich learning programme provides training in contemporary and traditional printmaking by means of a mixed programme of courses, workshops and master classes.

We provide exceptional studio facilities for fine art printmaking which are available to individuals to undertake their own work. We actively promote artists, training and education for the public. We strongly believe in advancing printmaking education for all and in particular for young people and those who may not have access or opportunities.  We feel that all young people should be given the opportunity to pursue their educational and professional goals. Show Me How is our community programme and includes free monthly workshop for displaced people in Bristol in conjunction with the charity Borderlands, workshops on and offsite for young carers. Support for young homeless interested in the arts with access to courses and individual tuition. 

Our spacious studio provides a creative environment for artists to explore their work and offers technical support for them to produce original prints. We offer inspiration for printmaking by facilitating the exchange of ideas between members, and working with visiting artists. By providing expertise and facilities of the highest professional standards we support artists so that they may be innovative and experimental with their work in a way which would not be possible if they were working alone.

Spike Print Studio editions high quality and innovative, contemporary prints produced with invited artists and commissions artists to make new work using a number of different printing processes.

Who we are

Chair:  David Hoare

Trustees: Christine Howes, John Ford, Georgina Hounsome, Jess Bugler

Advisors:  Huw Morgan/ Stella Man

Administration Manager: Jess Townsend / Studio & Finance Manager: Katy Chard/ Studio Director: Irena Czapska

Learning Programme Co-ordinator: Jo Hounsome

Studio Technicians: Maria Quintin; Elliot Steele

Senior Member technician:    Jess Pratten

Spike Print Studio is a co-founding group of Spike Island, an international centre for the development of contemporary art and design. It is a separate charity.