Peter Reddick Bursary Award – Innovation in Contemporary Relief Printmaking

Spike Print Studio Peter Reddick Bursary Award for Innovation in Contemporary Relief Printmaking

Generously awarded by the Lark Trust,  Bristol

We offer a bursary to a new graduate * to support their practice in relief printing. We are particularly interested in graduates who are innovative and experimental whilst using the oldest of print techniques. The bursary is for 1 year and awards membership to the studio with full support, learning opportunities and professional development and and end of bursary exhibition.

Peter Reddick felt very strongly that art and particularly print should be available to all and Spike Print Studio has a clear philosophy of open access and learning which allow the public to use the studio. We  offer a bursary to a new graduate, specializing in relief printing, to honour Peter’s desires and to continue supporting graduate artists in their development and progression.

The graduate artists for this award are selected on their exceptional talent and ability to engage in contemporary relief printing.  By working in our studio for 1 year the artist is able to develop their work and experience opportunities in ways which may not have been possible. The artist is also part of a community that comes together because of its love of print.

  • new graduate defined as having graduated in the last year.

Current recipient 2023-2024:  Lee Nutland


I Can’t Feel Your Arms Around Me Anymore

2022-2023 recipient:  Rachel Marsh

About Time: Artist’s Book

2021-2022 recipient:  Matthew Lintott




Time, Real and Imaginary – Woodcut made with fossilised ink from the Jurassic period / 46 x 46 cms / Edition 1/45


2019-2020 recipient:  Prerna Chandiramani

‘Stitched Together’ is a deeply resonant art project that navigated the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally envisioned as an interactive installation to commemorate VE Day’s 75th anniversary at the Spike Print’s Open studios, it had to  transform and adapt due to the crisis. This shift came soon after the artist Prerna Chandiramani had been awarded the Peter Reddick bursary post-Masters.Her initial plans of experimenting with scale and new techniques had to pivot dramatically due to the global crisis.
Leveraging social media platforms and email, Prerna transformed her project into a public engagement initiative, inviting people to share folded paper memories tied with a string , symbolising cherished moments with loved ones.
The project received a global response , with contributions culminating in a collection of 82 photographs. These photographs served as the foundation for Prerna’s subsequent drawings and prints, which further explored the theme of memory through the physicality of folds in paper.
Material choice and techniques were notably influenced by the pandemic, incorporating recyclable materials and hand burnishing, to create a richly textured response to the shared memories. Contributions ranged from a pink paper heart evoking memories of a grandmother’s cookies to origami forms with secret messages, each adding a personal narrative to the collective memory.
The project’s scope expanded beyond its original VE Day remembrance to encapsulate broader themes of emotional and physical separation experienced during lockdown. ‘Stitched Together’ stands as a testament to the shared human experience during these unprecedented times, blending art with personal memories to foster a sense of connection and resilience.
With the continued support of Spike Print studio Prerna will be exhibiting this installation in the upcoming Spike Print studio’s May Open this year.


2018-2019 recipient: Leonie Bradley

Leonie has an MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking from UWE and is a member of the Society of Wood Engravers. She exhibits internationally and her work is held in public collections including the V&A.

During the bursary, Leonie further developed a matrix using wood engraving and chine-collé, embracing the intricacy of wood engraving while creating the potential for much larger images, using a tonal range to make systems-based visual narratives. She digitally disrupts her mark-making and her experiments in process have led to combinations of screenprints, photopolymer prints and large-scale relief prints. Her work examines the crossover from analogue to digital and back to analogue to reflect how identity is changing in the post-digital age.

2017-2018 recipient: Jess Bugler

Jess has  just graduated and in her degree show she exploredrelief printmaking in a body of work about States of Memory. She examines complex ideas by interweaving traditional processes with modern technology, combining linocut and laser woodcut, xerox photocopies and reduction linocut to create abstract sculptures based on print.

She exhibited in the International Print Biennale in Newcastle, The National

Original Print exhibition and The Masters: Relief Print in London. She has won awards from Printmaking Today and the Regional Print Centre.

We look forward to seeing the work she produces in the studio.

Nick Greenglass: Peter Reddick Bursary Awardee 2016 – 2017 Exhibition January 2018



I spent my initial months at the start of the Peter Reddick bursary focused on experimentation andplay within contemporary relief printing. I was keen to push my own boundaries further, doing this with an open approach to expanding skills and learning new ones.

These experimentations with materials, techniques and processes went on to inform my

subsequent work. For example, Blank Light, which mixes large scale engraving with traditional woodblock. Blank Light has been selected for the National Open Art prize 2017 and will be on exhibition at Bargehouse, London in November.

These developments of technique and knowledge have continued to influence my work, I feel immensely privileged having the opportunity to expand my printmaking on the bursary, seeing my practice develop over the year through the use of the fantastic printing facilities, courses and influence of fellow artists at Spike Print studio.

Nick will have an exhibition at Spike Print Studio in January 2018.  Date tbc.



  1. Beshlie McKelvie 2011-2012 (2 in first year of award)
  2. Dan Hunt 2011-2012
  3. Jack Newling 2012-2013
  4. John Lynch  2013-2014
  5. Aiofe Barrett 2014-2015
  6. Demi Insall 2015-2016
  7. Nick Greenglass 2016-2017
  8. Jess Bugler 2017-2018