Facilities are available in etching/intaglio, relief printing, screenprinting and many other related processes. Studio access is available to all members of the public who have printmaking experience.

Screen Printing Equipment

  • Natgraph hand operated printing table – Bed A: 142x86cm (vacuum area 80x56cm)
  • Kippax hand operated printing table – Bed B: 171x123cm (vacuum area 106x80cm)
  • Natgraph hand operated printing table – Bed C: 142x86cm (vacuum area 80x56cm)
  • Natgraph hand operated printing table – Bed D: 112x168cm (vacuum area 106x80cm)
  • Natgraph hand operated printing table – Bed E: 219x122cm (vacuum area 160x105cm)
  • Natgraph hand operated printing table – Bed F: 112x168cm (vacuum area 106x80cm)
  • Kippax portable printing table – Bed G: 120x70cm (vacuum area 78x52cm)
  • Kippax drying unit with light box (121h x186w x126d)
  • Kippax UV – LED Photo Exposure Unit (189×144)
  • Back Lit Wash Out Booth (216x163cm)
  • Kranzle Quadro 599 Pressure Washer
  • Drying rack (50 shelves) – Large (158x105cm)
  • Drying rack (50 shelves) – Medium (108x74cm)
  • PixMax hotpress (40x40cm)
  • T-shirt/product portable screen printing bed (printing area 48x38cm)
  • 6 portable beds (approx. 90x80cm) 
  • 30x screens – various sizes for hire

Relief Printing and Letterpress Equipment:

  • 1842 Albion Press (bed size: 70x50cm)
  • Gem Roller proofing press (bed size: 70x50cm)
  • Vandercook large format semi-automated letterpress (bed size: 80x73cm)
  • Drying rack (50 shelves) – 108x82cm
  • Drying rack (50 shelves) – 98x65cm
  • Marble cantilever drying rack (160cm long)
  • Adana press 8×5 (diameter: 22cm)
  • 2 x bookbinding presses (30x25cm and 38×30.5cm)
  • 12x Printing rollers – various sizes
  • Various letterpress type

Etching Equipment:

  • Large format Tofko Etching press (bed size: 200x120cm)
  • “Number 8” Hunter Penrose Etching press (bed size: 70x130cm)
  • “Shirley” Etching press (bed size: 102x51cm)
  • Art Equipment portable etching press (bed size: 61x31cm)
  • 2x Hot plates (61x51cm)
  • 2x rollers (hard & soft ground)
  • Paper soak sink (124x94cm)
  • Flattening boards (12x Large: 120x90cm) – (24x Medium: 80x60cm)
  • Modbury Engineering metal guillotine (110cm long)
  • Electric aquatint box (210hx95w95d) and heat gun
  • 2x Ferric chloride hard ground baths (78x61cm & 56x40cm) and 1x soft ground bath (56x40cm) 
  • Puresolve solvent machine (58 x 88cm)
  • 2x plate smoking clamps

Dark Room Equipment

  • Natgraph M1 self-contained Exposure Unit (130x109cm)
  • Light box (60x40cm)
  • Dahle 868 guillotine (46cm cutting length)
  • 2x Photographic Enlargers

Digital Equipment

  • Imac computer (24)
  • Ricoh MP C3001 colour photocopier
  • Epson EPL-N2550 A3 laser printer
  • Epson Inkjet ET-M110
  • Canon Lide 120 A4 scanner
  • Cricut Explore Air Die Cutter (38cm)


  • Clean area with cutting mats and 2x paper guillotine (150cm & 92cm)
  • Drying Rack (50 shelves) – 103 x 70cm
  • Various planchests, screen slots, and cubbyholes for hire
  • Kitchen area with kettle, microwave and fridge
  • Library with over 200 books
  • Designated drawing and cutting tables with natural light and views over River Avon.