What Community Means to us

Spike Print Studio is a great space to share knowledge and foster collective creativity and innovation. It is a place that is welcoming and inclusive which helps it thrive and remain resilient.

Spike Print Studio is a charity, meaning that everything we earn goes straight back into the studio. No shareholders, no-one profiting personally.   Although we occasionally receive specific project funding, the studio does not receive core funding from local authority, lottery or government grants and we rely totally on our own endeavours to raise income from membership fees, courses, events and commission from print sales.

Spike Print Studio’s mission is to advance education for public benefit through the promotion of the arts, in particular the art of printmaking and through providing education and training in this art. We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part, learn and experience the extraordinary world of print. See where it can take you.

Why Support Us?

I always cite my time at SPS, both as a student and on placement, as a major influencer in my career progression, skills base and just confidence in general. It helped me to meet people in the arts community, feel at home in an arts space, and Guy Begbie’s course was particularly helpful for me, as well as the connection to Jono Lewarne/City Edition Studio.

Lily Green, participant on A Year in Print

We are the largest open access print studio in the South West with extraordinarily talented staff and members. We are committed to delivering a studio where print can unfold creative opportunities and inspiration for all. The studio is accessible to anyone once a satisfactory skill level has been reached. Membership brings its own rewards and benefits from working in a stimulating and supportive environment where new members can find themselves working alongside professional artists or visiting artists in a place that celebrates difference – a place for everyone’s way of working.

We believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to influence and improve communities. This core value drives our work with young people, and we strive to provide access and opportunities to graduates, students and school pupils in all our endeavours.


Help the studio raise the funds it needs to do more in the community – to help our outreach work make a strong and sustainable impact   We know how much our space means to the print community and all those who are able to use it or benefit from its reach.   We constantly have to upgrade our facililties  and we want to invest in new items that will enhance the learning programme and will naturally be of great benefit to members and all studio users.

Help us raise funds for the studio and community projects by donating below! All payments are securely handled by Paypal.

Browse our community projects

  • Home Print Project/Mobile Print Project 2020-2022

    A community project supported by Quartet Community Foundation with the purpose of continuing its refugee and asylum seeker and young people's programmes whilst the studio is closed during lockdown, providing printing packs to use in the home or in community settings and a series of demonstration videos.

  • Partners in Print

    Joint project between SPS and UWE to grow community engagement by creating sustainable opportunities for learning, exhibiting, editioning and professional development for young people who would not otherwise have access to such opportunities.

  • This Place-Refugee Workshops

    Spike Print Studio offers free monthly workshops to asylum seekers and refugees from Borderlands.

  • SPS/UWE Scholarship

    Working in partnership, SPS and UWE, Bristol are creating opportunities for UWE, Bristol students and Spike Print Studio members.

  • Artist donated prints

    A number of artists have been kind enough to donate work to help us fundraise for equipment