Bristol Set in Print- workshops at SPS

Celebrating the heritage of industrial Print in Bristol, Bristol Set in Print explores how it has shaped our city and acknowledging  all those involved.
The project aims to document this industry; connecting with forgotten craftsmen to map historical forms of printing alongside its current practitioners who are pushing new boundaries.
The project will unleash these from storage onto a contemporary scene. Through a series of demonstrations, skill-share workshops, and public events it will pass on the trade of our heritage and promote further education in this important area of history. Combining the traditional with the present, the industrial with the artistic, the old and young; Bristol Set in Print will strive to create something very new.
Proving in its practice that print is not dead.
An opportunity to join in:

As part of this project, Charlotte Biszewski is going to be running some workshops at Spike. The idea of these is that they will be a collaboration between an older generation of industry printers and a new generation of students of Letterpress (graphics students, print students etc), and also current practicing letterpress artists who want to improve on their skills and take part in the project.

The outcome of these workshops will be to create a large scale map of Bristol, demonstrating where the print houses in Bristol were, around the 1950’s.
(There were hundreds)

The four workshops will be free to participants and a fantastic opportunity to learn an industrial practice which has become a fading craft.

The Dates Are:

21st of May
11th of June 

16th and 17th of July

All take place on a weekend