10-wk Aluminium etching using ‘BIG’ ground with Steph Renshaw


Tuesday 19 Sept – 28 November 2023


Learn the art of aluminium etching and make prints with intriguing, textural results.
We will be exploring markmaking and look at ways to get both positive and negative marks within a print.
We’ll explore materials and you will have the chance to use a combination of modern and traditional materials to bring your designs alive.
We will experiment with resists and grounds and look at how to manipulate them to get a variety of results.
You will learn how to use BIG ground – a modern, eco friendly alternative to traditional grounds which is hugely versatile. We’ll combine this with a process called ‘Coffee -lift’ so that you can learn to control tonal variation across your etching plate.
Both the prints and the printing plates you make will be beautiful things, full of subtle texture, tone and fascinating marks.
You will learn how to mix and test the etching solution so that you could continue etching beyond the end of the course
This course is suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience of etching

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