3-Day Screen Print Bootcamp with Anna Marrow


Friday 26th – Sunday 28th April 2024


3-day Screen Printing Bootcamp!

Join Anna Marrow for a fun, 3 day course, exploring various screen printing processes. We will cover hand drawn stencils and experimental mark making, paper stencils and mono printing. You will be guided through the process with the chance to play and amalgamate techniques to produce rich and exciting outcomes.

You will:

  • Learn how to transfer hand drawn images onto the screen and print them.
  • Learn how to use paper stencils to add blocks of colour.
  • Learn how to mono print, to produce, free, colourful painterly prints.
  • Learn how to combine all three techniques to produce rich, varied prints.

By the end of the curse you will have a basic understanding of the screen printing process. It will be fun, practical course with time for playful exploration.

Course Structure

Day 1 Introduction to screen printing


In the morning we will go step by step through the screen preparation process from screen cleaning to screen coating.

Drawing and mark making to create 2 stencils to expose onto the screens.


Colour mixing.

Stopping out.

Demo; best practice printing.

Print your first 2 stencils.

Day 2 Paper stencils


Demo; paper stencils.

Group discussion of work made yesterday and how best to add blocks of colour using paper stencils.

Students to design and cut stencils.


Colour mixing.

Print paper stencils.

Day 3 Mono printing


Mono printing demonstration.

Students to decide if they want to mono print, or use paper stencils or make more stencils to expose to complete their prints.


Students to complete their prints whichever way they want to.

We will finish with a short group discussion to celebrate the work produced.



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