6 wk Photo etching with Martyn Grimmer


Monday 5 June – 10 July 2023

1.30pm – 4.30pm

6 places

During this course you will be introduced to Photo Etching on copper plate using Pure Etch polymer film. This is the thinnest film available and will enable a fine dot structure to be etched into the plate. You will be taught how to create a digital positive image using Photoshop. You will learn how to laminate the film to the copper plate, expose the plate and develop it, and then etch it in acid. The plate is developed in soda crystals and then etched conventionally in ferric chloride

Whilst not having quite the tonal range of photopolymer, the plate can be reworked using an array of conventional etching techniques, to produce rich and contrasty prints.

The resulting copper plates are a work of art in themselves!

Image: Student work CPD etching ‘October Bathing’ by David Johnson

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