Weekend Workshop – Learn to Screenprint, led by Anna Marrow


Saturday 18 May / Sunday 19 May 2024
10am – 4pm
Led by Anna Marrow   

Learn how to screen print in a weekend!  Join Anna and learn the basics to get you started on your screen print journey, from low tech methods such as paper stencils to printing photographs.  You will learn to print using the vacuum beds in the studio at SPS,  and also how to set up using a frame and clamps for printing at home.

During the weekend you will learn:

  • the basics of water-based screen printing on paper.
  • how to coat and expose a screen with photo-sensitive emulsion.
  • how to create stencils from paper, drawing, mono printing and photographic materials.
  • to print using a vacuum bed and mix water-based inks.
  • how to register and print layers.

Session1: Saturday AM (3 hours) LOW TECH

To begin the course we will look at low tech screen printing methods, ideal for printing at home. Using paper stencils and mono printing we can begin to build up rich layers of colour and texture. We will use this time to learn about mixing colours, registration and best practice in the studio.

Session 2: Saturday PM (3 hours) SCREEN PREP AND STENCIL MAKING

In the afternoon we will begin by having some fun with drawing and mark making, to create stencils to expose onto the screens. We will go through the process step by step from screen cleaning and coating to exposing your images, ready to print on Sunday morning.

Session 3: Sunday AM (3 hours)  PRINTING EXPOSED IMAGES

We will print the images exposed onto the screen, adding to the colourful layers we began yesterday.

Session 4: Sunday PM (3 hours)

The last three hours will begin with a quick demonstration of preparing photographs for screen printing. Then participants can continue with any of the methods they have learnt over the weekend to finish their prints. Participants will complete the course with a small collection of prints to take home.

Anna Marrow has been working as a printmaker, illustrator and image-maker for 20 years.  More of her work can be seen here.



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