Leonie Bradley – Peter Reddick bursary award 2018

Leonie Bradley has been selected for The Peter Reddick Bursary Award 2018. Leonie will spend 2018-2019 making new work at Spike Print Studio supported by this bursary.

Artist’s statement: “I work in a wide range of media including filmmaking, etching, making artists’ books, linocut and wood engraving. I get repeatedly drawn back to wood engraving as I like playing with this traditional medium; capturing glimpses of contemporary culture, chasing elusive dark greys and seeking original mark-making. I look for the beauty in mundane, everyday objects and am particularly fascinated by simple forms when they cast strong shadows. In 2015, I was elected a member of the Society of Wood Engravers.

I have made several films about wood engraving as well as fictional short films. I also write and am Editor of Printmaking Today. Writing and filmmaking are integral to my art practice and I often merge the disciplines.”

Peter Reddick was one of the leading wood engravers in the UK and co-founder of Spike Print Studio and Spike Island. His artistic integrity and wealth of experience made him an outstanding engraver and illustrator.

Congratulations Leonie!

To see more of Leonie’s work visit her website.