Paris studio visit: Raúl Velasco & Kristin Meller

L’Association pour l’Estampe et l’Art Populaire was founded in 2000 by two artists Raúl Velasco and Kristin Meller. Their studio is located at 49 bis rue des Cascades in Belleville. As well as using the studio for their own printmaking practice, they run intaglio and woodcut workshops. Over the summer, we visited them to learn about their experience running a printmaking studio in Paris.

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In 2006, Raúl founded Atelier aux Lilas, an open access print studio a few metro stops away from their workshop. This member run studio is housed in an abandoned factory in les Lilas.  It offers Screenprinting, intaglio and letterpress and is an inspirational example of a self directed studio.

Catherine Volk, a member of Spike Print Studio and Atelier aux Lilas has organised a collaborative project between the two studios. To mark the end of this project, an exhibition called Binôme will be shown in Paris on 9 October. For more information, please click here.


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