Print-centric – a UWE SPS exhibition


Five professional scholars and five recent graduates were selected for the first UWE/SPS Scholarship programme in July 2017. Over the past year they have been working to develop their  practices, creating opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and broadening creative networks. Accessing alternative environments for printing, the graduate scholars headed to Spike Print Studio and the professional scholars accessed the University, leading to more experimental approaches and networking opportunities.

Broaching a wide range of materials, techniques and processes including etching, monoprint, aquatint, silkscreen, digital and enamel; the group are unified by a common pursuit of pushing the possibilities of print. From those recruited within this programme, the eight scholars involved in this show are: Alexandra Higlett, Amy Hutchings, Andrew Wilson, Hannah McVicar, Nick Greenglass, Ruth Ander, Sophie Dowson & Sophie Willoughby.

The exhibition will be held alongside UWE’s Artist in Residence, Nick Greenglass from 12th July – 31st July.

The all singing and dancing Launch Party is to be enjoyed on Thursday 19th, from 5 – 7pm.