RBSA Print Biennial exhibtion

John Lynch’s Royal Mail: V2 wins First Prize at the Royal Birmingham Society of the Arts Print Biennial 2014.  
Royal Mail: V2 is the second version of Lynch’s Royal mail woodcuts, Version 1 was shown at the Royal Academy Summer show this year. 
The Print is a Technicolor themed Remodelling of the old postal centre behind Temple Meads station in Bristol, In which Lynch has taken a disused shell of a building and presented it as a piece of modernist architecture using photo montage as an original source, then a range of printing and construction methods to create 4 separate blocks followed by the hand cutting of the  wood blocks in which Lynch creates a four colour separation by blending layers using the processed colours and the transparency of the printing ink. 
The piece was printed both Direct and offset at Spike Print Studio and UWE by Lynch with the Assistance of Stephanie Turnball. The result of this double method of printing creates a kaleidoscopic mirror reflection and puts the viewer in the centre of a bleak, faux modernist boulevard.