Ros Ford- Winner of the Teresa Knowles Travel Bursary

RWA, Drawn exhibition.
Drawn is a biennial open submission drawing exhibition. It aims to raise the profile of drawing, exploring it as both an autonomous discipline and an interdisciplinary tool. The exhibition pushes the parameters of drawing by exploring the parallel language of multiple disciplines.
The Teresa Knowles Travel Bursary is a prestigious prize awarded at this exhibition and it has been given to one of our members, Ros Ford, for her large etching and aquatint entitled ‘Express Asphalt, St Philips’. It’s a prestigious prize, and as Ros says, ”I’m always pleased when print gets recognised out of its ‘box’.” 
The travel bursary will enable Ros to spend time in Italy to research and make new work.
The exhibition is up at the RWA until 7th June alongside a great drawing exhibition from the Ingram Collection.