Artists Sarah Duncan and Libby Lloyd nominated for Queen Sonja Print Award 2022

We are beyond chuffed that the very talented Sarah Duncan and Libby Lloyd have both been nominated for this prestigious award.

The Queen Sonja Print Award has become the world’s leading award for graphic art and is presented every other year to a young, ambitious and promising artist who has excelled in the field of printmaking. A wide range of international professionals, curators, artists and art institutions nominate talented artists from all over the world for this prestigious prize.

The nominees reflect the breadth of contemporary printmaking around the world, ranging from traditional forms to new approaches involving installation, collage and performance. No printing technique or way of expression is to be excluded as long as the printing element is apparent. There is no age limit, but older and clearly long-established artists will not be considered for this award.

Featured Image: Sarah Duncan: Tunneli- Etching 

Images above: Libby Lloyd:
NUWA – MARTIAN ANGEL – Is a primitive angel and shrine to the future sustainable Mars mega city named NUWA . The animation makes graphic references to past and future human architecture both here on Planet Earth and on Mars. The sci-fi reference and hologram of Altair in her iconic white dress from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet has a dual metaphor and reference to the A star – Altair, aka Alpha Aquilae, which shines as the brightest star in the constellation Aquila the Eagle and is visible in the northern hemisphere in the warm summer months.

& Libby Lloyd in front of Human Archaeology