SPS Prize Award at RWA Open Photography Exhibition 2011

We were very impressed with the two photographs of London Bridge by Dominic Harris which we found to be a compelling mix of portraiture, drama and humanity. Below, Dominic explains how he arrived at this image which won our award.

SVS#02 London Bridge: Tuesday January 19th, 8.30 am

In early January last year, I placed an ad for people to stand very still for a photograph on London Bridge during morning rush hour. I said it would take 15 minutes and start exactly on time.

Although twice as many people replied, six people turned up on time, and a seventh arrived just as I was packing my camera away.

It was difficult to see them as they stood in the middle of the pavement during the onslaught of commuters going to work from right to left from London Bridge station.

I never spoke to any of them before, during or after the shoot, although I did direct them using signs: my hands to move them slightly left and right and a red scarf as an indication to stand still.

Afterwards we all slipped back into the momentum of the city and our own lives.

Dominic Harris