UWE SPS Scholarship

Amy Hutchings has been selected as one of our Spike Print Studio and UWE  scholars.

Amy says “I have been recently working with a key Ophthalmologist from Bristol University on a collaborative project. The project involves visually interpreting their research and advances in sight restoration, which has prompted me to think about a broader audience, including the visually impaired.”

The Fabrication department and print making facilities available at UWE would enable me to push the boundaries of this interest, enabling me to explore 3D and multi-textural approaches in a way that appeals to sighted and non-sighted audiences.

By working in a more multi-disciplinary, textural way – layering through various embossing and printing techniques, exploring materials: e.g enamelling onto textured surfaces, combining printed, tactile layers; utilizing flocking and expandex, incorporating etching plates into layered artworks – I hope to expand the reach of this work, producing pieces that increase accessibility to art.

This opportunity will provide access to the tools which will allow me to develop a more audience-inclusive approach. My aim is to mix surface finishes, colours and materials for a tactile and visually interesting outcome for the enjoyment of all.