A(r)t Tea Time

A(r)t tea time

Spike Island was a tea bag factory,its taste is still inside.

The tea leaves disappeared,the fragile bags also,

but something stays,

those tea bags ghosts with engines as a reflection of what

is happening in the island,


by Catherine Volk.

SPS member, Catherine Volk is the artist behind the mini exhibition currently on show in the studio’s gallery. Originally intended to be Christmas decorations for the studio’s tree, they are bags of tea with screen printed images about demolition.


As she puts it, ”it’s not all negative because you need to build something after you demolish it.”  This is very much how Catherine works.

”I like it when the meaning is in another place…you can’t see it perhaps. The colour for example is soft but in fact the context is not soft at all.”

webIMG_1207 webIMG_1206

John Lynch’s  Places we go, Places we Don’t People who Dream and People who won’t will be the next exhibition to be held in the studio.

28 March – 10 April 2014