Meet March’s artist- Kerry Day

March Montage
The March image from our Spike Print Studio 2014 Calendar was designed by Kerry Day, MA Mixed media artist and owner of Polly arts, knitted goods and crafty makes. Kerry’s drawing, paintings and prints are available through 
and her products from
Kerry is another regular tutor at Spike Print Studio, the Queen of the Pop up shop and one of the admin team behind The Print Shop at Quakers Friars in Bristol. She also printed over half the months of our lovely Calendar!

Kerry explains the thinking behind her March print, Put a Spring in Your Step
‘January and February are really depressing months, (especially after the over the top happiness that Christmas brings); they’re cold, grey and everyone looks miserable. Then, Tah Dah! March comes along with the first bit of sunshine. Flowers begin to bloom, colours seem to shine and everyone appears happier again and has a bounce in their step. Put a Spring in your Step hopefully reflects this.’
Kerry is a full time a mixed media artist, who paints in oils and acrylics, draws and makes prints. After completing her MA in Multi-Disciplinary printmaking at UWE, Kerry now does all her printing at Spike Print Studio at Spike Island and has a studio in Hamilton House for my painting and preparation work. Lately most of her work has been in the medium of screenprint, but she would like to return to making large scale woodcut and lino cuts. In the future Kerry would like to explore etching again, especially dry point.

Kerry’s preoccupation is with capturing movement in the human figure. She regularly attends a Life Drawing with Movement class at The Bristol Drawing School where the model will pose in dynamic sequenced poses from 10 seconds to 2 minutes at a time. Other times they will move or dance along to music. She finds this a very expressive and freeing way of drawing. Kerry is inspired by the 19th Century photographer Eadweard Muybridge who was best known for his pioneering work in photographic studies of animal and human motion.

Unable to keep her hands still for long, Kerry has also set up an online craft shop, Pollyarts, where she sells her knitted goods and crafty makes.
‘ In 2011 I had just finished my MA in Printmaking (UWE) and I needed to take a break from any art for a while. So I began knitting, starting with a few items for myself, I find it a very relaxing thing to do. This led to seeing if anyone would buy my creations and found they did. Today Pollyarts has knitted phone pouches, hats, jewellery, and screen printed bags and tea towels, which you will find in the shop.’