1 Year Screenprinting – Portfolio Course


1 year course with Anna Marrow

Induction Morning  for all students: Tuesday 27 September 9.30am-12.30pm 

All portfolio courses are Blended Learning  – Learn in the studio and at home with online access,  home materials & equipment.

Tuesday 4 October 2022- 4 July 2023

9:30am – 12:30pm


Course Outline

Screenprinting is a wonderfully versatile medium. In the early stages you can quite quickly achieve a finished print but the process has boundless possibilities once you start printing. During this one year course you will have time to really extend your knowledge of the technicalities of the process, build and extend your skills and discover and develop a very personal response to the process. The course will appeal to creative thinkers and makers, those who have or hope to study a variety of arts including illustration, graphic design and fine art.

Through studio and workshop projects, you will be introduced to a range of screen printing techniques. You will learn how to research and develop ideas and how to evaluate and reflect on your progress. We will also have artist’s talks and local study days to inspire and excite the imagination, and hands on drawing workshops to feed into the printing process.

This course will cover a variety of screen printing methods, students will learn how to develop ideas, drawings, digital and photographic imagery into screen printed designs. There will be two options on the course; for people who have some experience of screen printing and are keen to pursue their own projects, there will be a free option for individual study with support and guidance from the tutors. These students will join us for study days, critiques and artist’s talks but will have freedom to pursue their own goals. For those who require more structure the tutors will demonstrate techniques and set briefs, students will learn a number of different ways of working. This diagnostic approach will lead to students finding their own paths and following their own personal project ideas in the final term. The course will end with a group show in the studio open to family and friends.

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