Discussion at the North Wall Arts Centre

We would like to invite you to join us in a discussion at the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford OX2 7JN on Saturday 20 May 2pm

Dr Emily Trosciancko will lead a discussion on perception and time.

This will be a 20 minute talk followed by an open discussion.This is a free event. To book tickets please follow the link,

This is part of the exhibition: time after time


North Wall Arts Centre Oxford

9 May – 27 May 2017

Two artists meet. They are fascinated by each other’s work, despite the lack of obvious visual correspondence. They start a conversation, and discover that the theme of time is a significant point of connection. This exhibition is a continuation of that conversation, expressed through images. Time, they agree, is perhaps the most slippery of the essential concepts. Einstein, the great guru of time, even suggested that it was a fiction: ”… us physicists believe the separation between past, present and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

In his multi-layered prints, Dean Byass interrogates the “moment” and discovers there Einstein’s illusion – not a fluent narrative but a series of discreet fragments that we reconstruct in our minds, to make the world at least seem coherent. In his “paintings with a lens”, Geoff Dunlop presents evidence of layer upon layer of simultaneous timescales, from the instantaneous to the infinitely ancient, all held together in an illusion of the now.

The North Wall Arts Centre

South Parade Oxford OX2 7JN

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