Places we go, Places we Don’t People who Dream and People who won’t

Demolition: woodcut 

john-lynch-royal-mail-v1-jo-hounsome-photography1 Royal Mail: woodcut

Places we go, Places we Don’t People who Dream and People who won’t

John Lynch

An exhibition of the work produced at Spike Print Studio as a result of the Peter Reddick Bursary for Contemporary Relief Printing

Private View:  Thurs 27 March 6-9

28 March – 10 April 2014

Monday – Thursday 11am – 4pm.

Other times by arrangement.

John Lynch writes:

I was awarded the Peter Reddick Bursary for contemporary relief printing after graduating with an MA in multidisciplinary printmaking in 2012.

I was at a point where I wanted to move on and develop relief printing, taking risks I hadn’t managed to whilst concentrating on the creation of a final masters body of work. I wanted to make mistakes and learn from them. I wasn’t interested in making a new body of completed work and the bursary provide space, time and training for me to develop in this way.

 I started working with woodcut printing from the outset, this was something I hadn’t tried previously and presented an immediate challenge from working with lino. I became very attached to working with the properties of wood and the bursary gave me time and space to develop this to the high standard of which I am practicing woodcut presently. Although I am continually developing my woodcut printing I am now creating work I couldn’t have imagined I would be at the start of the bursary.

 Working at Spike Print Studio has been great, there is a very public atmosphere and with so much great print work going on around you there are so many areas to reflect ones own practice, with artists making work that is Fine art, developmental and commercial, this is a great way to see and reflect your own work.  The facilities at the studio are second to none in the area and extremely well maintained, this allowed me to combine methods such as screen printing and woodcut easily and create prints which where finished to a very high standard. It’s been really great working at and with Spike Print and I have no intention to stop working there after completing the bursary, there’s a really great team of staff and artists there and an excellent and supportive creative atmosphere. It’s the best print studio I have worked in and I highly recommend the bursary.


Awarded by Quartet Community Foundation : Lark Trust