The Paper Road – Rare Paper Exhibition

Exhibition curated by Elaine Cooper

Wednesday 21 – Saturday 24 September 2022. 

12 noon -5pm

pv: Thursday 6-8pm

Other times by arrangement.  Please email

or ring 0117 929 0135



‘The papers have a life of their own’

Elaine Cooper is a Master Papermaker who has compiled this  exquisite collection of rare and original handmade papers that uniquely chart the history and development of Japanese papermaking.

A visually stunning and informative exhibition which documents the art and history of washi. It includes a most comprehensive and diverse collection of papers, from many areas and epochs of Japan. Many of the samples are now rare and no longer manufactured. The papers demonstrate the continuing development of the traditional art and craft of Japanese papermaking through the centuries. These works will be shown together for the first time at this event.

NB: Please enquire at Spike Island Reception who will buzz you through to the print studio on 2nd floor. 

Spike Print Studio is a partner in Impact 12, An International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference – The Printmakers’ Voice is hosted by the Centre for Print Research, University of the West of England, 21-25 September 2022 on event page 


1.  Irokirakarakami  Keiu Kayasuga, Okayama 
Woodblock print using pigment for the dye. Gradation is achieved through the use of different tones of the same colour.
2. Yokinsunago Kinginkoishiiri 
Example of the use of sprinkled gold and silver. The koishi in the paper name refers to cut foil.
3.  Hirakiko 
“Hirakiko” or plain tortoise pattern. This pattern is used effectively with other vividly coloured katazomegami (stencils) 
4. Example of katazomegami 
Paper with patterns dyed using stencils for washi or fabric. Developed by Keisuke Serizawa; designated by the Japanese Government as an important intangible cultural property