Save Spike Print Studio

We’re Crowdfunding! We’re asking for your help to raise money to ensure Spike Print Studio’s survival.

Despite having to close our studio in the lockdowns, we survived, thanks to the amazing work of our staff, the kindness and understanding of our community and members, and supportive financial grants. But over the last two years, we’ve lost significant funding for the studio. Along with this, our rent and service charges have increased, as well as utilities and materials, and this has impacted our financial stability. We’ve taken a hard look at our situation and have come up with a credible plan to help us through. And this is where your support will make a big difference. 🩷

Head to the crowdfunder link below to find out more, read our story and hopefully pledge. Our members and community have donated some fantastic rewards; prints (obvs) and experiences, and we’ll be sharing more about what’s on offer and our progress here in the coming weeks.

Thanks so much for your support everyone 💛🩷