Spike Print Editions

Editions are multiples of an image with a limit on their production. Each print in the edition is an original work of art and the edition itself can be seen as the complete work. Some artists who work in print (printmakers) use print as their primary practice. Other artists may use it as their secondary practice to expand their work and development. Because print can be produced in multiples it can be significantly cheaper to buy than a painting or sculpture for example.

Throughout history artists have used print to explore what happens to their practice through the authority of repetition. And of course, to sell at a good price and make money. There is a strong tradition of the democracy in print with the idea that original art can be owned by many and not just a privileged few. We set up Print Club Bristol in order to open up print to all.

Contemporary editions are breaking boundaries and redefining the meaning of print. Print as a discipline straddles all other art disciplines and can work with anything and anyone. It has the capacity to face every direction, to confuse, to appropriate. Felix Gonzales Torres (Death by Gun 1990) exemplifies how print can become a common thing, accessible to all but still have value.

Spike Print Editions advocates contemporary print with passion and commitment. Its professional editioners work with artists to combine skills and ideas to see what could be possible. The relationship is a collaboration of talents, inventions, experimentation and open minds.  Print studios are hugely resourceful environments creating dialogues and partnerships where new and innovative work  is created.

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